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Hi Peeps, We cant thank you enough for showering your love and support. You trusted a newbie like us, gave in your suggestions and feed backs and are still doing the same. We wholeheartedly accept your criticism too and aim to work on our weakness and shortcomings. So here's a huge hug from the whole OSN team!! Well, yes, we are over joyed and who doesn't like a little show off? *wink* Below mentioned are a few blogs/articles, kind enough to write a few good things about us. Just a little more information about us for you. :)    INDIA TIMES: EXPRESS): NATION: NEWS: DELHIING: DELHI:!/delhi/article/stop-what-youre-doing-everyones-fav-sarojini-nagar-just-went-online-so-shop-awayTHE FINANCIAL EXPRESS: TODAY: JAIPUR: MOBILE: DIARIES: SOCIAL: PEDIA:

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