1.What are the delivery modes available at OnlineSarojiniNagar?

Depending upon the pincode you enter, the delivery modes will pop up for you to choose from. However, it also depends on the product you choose to buy and the seller. Nevertheless, Online Sarojini Nagar offers you quick delivery within 7 business/working days.


2. How can I find out if OnlineSarojiniNagar delivers to my address?

You do not have to wait for long to find out. The moment you enter your PIN code while placing your order, we’ll instantly tell you about whether we can deliver to the location you want. 



3. When will my order arrive? I can hardly wait!

From confirmation mail and SMS about your order to tracking your package until it finally reaches you, we’ll keep you informed. Trust us, we are just as keen to see your package reach you ASAP. 

To keep tabs on your package use the tracking number sent to you. Just click on the ‘Track Order’ tab at the top corner of the webpage and be updated about your package’s status.

If you’re logged in to your account, just click on ‘Track Order’ and select the product. We’ll show you the order status right away.

We’ll show you the complete history and the order status for every order. Even if you lose your tracking number, no need to panic. You can still track it’s progress by logging into your account and clicking on ‘Order History’ or ‘Track Order’ directly. It’s that simple.


4. My order is late. What do you have to say about this?

Honestly we were as much into the game, earnestly putting in our best efforts to make your package reach you on time. However, sometimes bad weather, flight delays, political disruption and other unprecedented issues can delay an order. You can keep tracking your order by logging in, going to ‘Order History’ and selecting the particular order. We’ll keep you updated about any delays by SMS or email. To know more get in touch with us right here.

5. Just realised I won’t be around to receive my package. How can I reschedule my delivery?

Sorry but the delivery cannot be rescheduled once the clock’s been set. For your convenience however, we can meet you halfway.

6. I missed my delivery. What happens now?

 Relax. Our customers and products are equally important for us. We’ll send you a notification if you aren’t around for the delivery, so that you can get in touch with us immediately. Together we will sort out a suitable delivery time. We wont give up easily. If it doesn’t work out the first time, we’ll try delivering it up to three times to make sure your package reaches you soon.

7. Do you deliver internationally?

True we are a young startup but a healthy social one too. We want to cater and reach out to people worldwide. So yes, we deliver products to our customers internationally on a minimum delivery charge of 1000 INR.

8. The order status says ‘Delivered’ but I haven’t received my order. Explain?

Really? We only update the delivery status when an order has successfully been delivered. Incase you find any part of your order missing in the package, or if you haven’t received the delivery, contact us immediately without further ado.

9. Can I request different items from my cart to be delivered separately?

Not yet, later maybe. As of now we would prefer to have you making different orders for separate items.

10. My schedule is chock-a-block. Can I choose a specific date and time for delivery?

We do not have any provision for giving you such choice presently but we will always show you the estimated delivery date for all the items in your shopping cart. We suggest you place your order keeping in mind when it will be delivered, and whether that suits you.

11. When can I get my order if it says ‘Out-for-delivery’?

When the order status says ‘Out-for-delivery’, it means that things are in full swing and we’re trying to get it delivered to you on the same day or maximum within 7 business/working. We’ll also keep you updated via SMS.

1. How can I initiate a return?

Here are a few steps to help you through:

  • Go to ‘Order History’ and select the item(s) you want to return.
  • Click on the ‘Return’ option below the item.
  • Select your reason for returning the item and confirm your return request
  • Also, you can initiate a return by calling or emailing us at support@onlinesarojininagar.com

You will have to state your reason for returning and share your order number (the one from your confirmation email or SMS) with us.


2. What is the time-period within which I can return a product?

For apparel and other non-electronic products, initiate the return within 7 days of receiving the product. We dislike letting you down but we cannot accept return requests after that. For electronics and appliances, you can return the product within 7 days only if damaged, broken or not what you ordered. In case of post usage defect, manufacturer warranty can be claimed through their authorised service center for assistance/fixing the product.


3. How should I pack my product for the return?

To pack a product for return you need to follow these steps:

  • Fill out and attach the ‘Returns Form’ that we sent you along with the product.
  • Select a reason code from the list in the form.
  • Enclose the form along with the product(s), in their original condition, as part of the return package.

Remember, we can’t refund or exchange products if their tags/labels or seals have been tampered with – so be extra careful. Also, don’t forget to retain a proof of the postage until we send you a confirmation of ‘self-courier’.

To find out all you need to know about returns, refer to our ‘Returns Policy’ here*

The product code is mentioned on the barcode label stuck on the product tag.


4. Can I get a replacement for the product I’ve ordered?

Unfortunately, we do not offer replacements of products that you’ve already ordered. However, we do accept a return and suggest you place a separate order for the new product(s) you want to order. We’ll be glad to help all along.

5. When I’m returning a product, do I have to return the free gift that I got with it as well?

It might sound shattering but yes, you have to return any free gifts along with the product that you are returning. Any freebies that you got with a product will also need to be returned along with the original product.


6. Within how many days do I need to self-courier a product that I want to return?

We give you a whole week i.e. full 7 days to self-courier a product in case of return after you get it.


7. Within how many days can I initiate a return?

This time limit is short comparatively. You can initiate a return within 3 days maximum.


8. When are refunds possible?

As long as you initiate the cancellation or return of products according to the terms of ‘Returns’ or ‘Cancellation’ in the ‘Terms and Conditions of Sale’, your refund will be given a thumbs up.

If an order or part order has been successfully cancelled, we will refund the full amount, along with any taxes or shipping charges. However in case of return of any COD orders you might have to pay a certain charge that will be deducted from your total refund. Your refund will be released as soon as we’ve received your product and it has passed the necessary quality checks.


9. What is the mode of payment for refunds?

We will refund the amount to the account you used to place the original order.

Your refund will be in the form of a cheque in case of a COD order. In case of an online order, your refund will be within 5-7 business days whereas for a COD order, the refund will be within 9-10 business days.


10. What do I need to do for a wire-transfer of the refunded amount?

You can provide your bank account number and IFSC code and it will help us process the refund to your account. Since refunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts, make sure you give us the right bank account details. This means that the name on your OnlineSarojiniNagar account and your bank account must match.


11. Can I change the mode of payment for my refund?

Sorry but you cannot change the mode of payment for your refund. The amount will be transferred to the account that you used to make your order. If yours was a COD order, you will be refunded by cheque. If the transaction fails, we’ll get in touch with you for your alternate bank account details. Once we get those, we’ll make sure that there are no further impediments holding back the transfer.


12. How will I know that my refund has been initiated?

Don’t worry we’ll keep you updated on it. We’ll send you an SMS and email confirming the initiation of your refund. Your refund should reach you within 7-9 working days, depending on your bank of transaction.


13. I still haven’t got my refund. Why?

We do not believe in breaking promises so if we’ve sent you a confirmation on the approval of your refund, you will definitely get it within the allotted time period. However, sometimes we face technical difficulties that can delay payment transfers. Let us know if the wait seems too long.



1. I didn’t mean to order that. How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order before the item(s) have been dispatched for shipping. We'll refund the full amount you've paid for such a cancellation.

Here are a few steps to aid your cancellation:

  • Log in to your account and go to ‘My OnlineSarojiniNagar’
  • Select the appropriate order from ‘My Orders’
  • Click on ‘Cancel Order’ for the item(s) you want to cancel, individually
  • Select the reason and confirm the cancellation

On completing these we'll send you an acknowledgement of the cancellation. Remember, you won’t be able to cancel an order after it has been shipped. So set a reminder to do this as soon ASAP.


2. When can I cancel my order?

Make sure you cancel your order before it has been dispatched for shipping. That is the only way we can refund the full amount you've spent

3. Why do I see a disabled cancel link?

 A disabled cancel link refers to the item(s) from your order that have already been shipped and you cannot make any cancellations now.


4. I want my money back. How will I get my refund when I cancel an order?

Once your order has been cancelled, it will take around 5-7 business days (in case of online order) or 9-10 business days (in case of COD order) for your refund to be processed and the amount to be transferred back to the source account. Check out the ‘Returns Section’ to further information.


5. Will I get the complete refund for the order I’ve cancelled?

Yes, completely. We will refund the entire amount for a cancelled order.


6. What should I do if I don’t get my refund in the promised time?

In case of delay in receiving of refund kindly get in touch with our team here immediately. Don't forget to keep your order number ready with you.


7. This is not what I ordered. How do I replace it?

We are deeply considerate about your worries regarding products that we offer. If your order or a part of it does not match the product description, we'll try to get in touch and set it right immediately. You can also initiate a product return by checking out the 'Returns' section.


8. Why was my order cancelled by OnlineSarojiniNagar?

We regret to inform you that sometimes due to being out-of-stock, of unacceptable quality or any such reasons our sellers cancel orders. Once an order has been cancelled, the refund will be processed rightaway for online/credit card processes.